Shiva engulfed by Ganges flooding - Rishikesh, India

This is so epic I don’t think people realize it. In Hindu Mythology Shiva binds the ganges to his dreads. He controls her flow, even commands her existence. But now she submerges him and has the upper hand. The dominant becomes the dominated 


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this wins Halloween

i had this exact idea when i was in 4th grade n was going to day camp at a stable in my small ass town n i was so upset i couldnt do the thing

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Maurice Sapiro aka Maurice L. Sapiro (b. 1932, NJ, USA) - Moonglow, 2014    Paintings: Oil

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some instax’s from a recent shoot

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what i said earlier about him still stands, but here’s a list of nice things that happened:
-gripping him tighter each time the light went from red to green
-him telling me step by step what we were going to do (swim a quarter mile, ~how long it will take, the tides, and the temperature)
-ask how i was doing along the way
-ask if i wanted to go further, encouraging me when i got scared
-drinking along the bay
-his hand very easily finding it’s way into mine
-the natural response to take it
-him taking my roommates helmet back to my house while i went on ahead to our coworkers
-all the times he  sang “valerie” very loudly

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i made an ello account, it’s the same as my tumblr url. i think i’m going to use it for posting my own photos and making it more personal. somewhere between tumblr n fb, since that’s my general impression of it. hmu~

it’s so weird but hanging out with that guy from work made him a whole lot hotter but also not someone i actually wanna hook up with? which has happend a lot lately. i do like having hot friends tho




"Gee, we sure are wholesome heteronormative mid-20th-century Americans out for a swell double date at the beach!" You just know that when they find a suitably large outcropping for concealment, these four will be pairing off rather differently…


Nanette Lepore Fall 2014 RTW


Hand illustrated ceramics by Lydia de la Piñera in Galicia, Spain

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i love green curry but hate getting a mouthful of basil….