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Aliens conquering earth would be fine with me, as long as they make me their queen. - Gillian Anderson

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Backstage at the Chromat SS15 Runway Show
Pre-order straight from the runway at shop.chromat.com 
Photo by Jenna Putnam for Creem Magazine

Backstage at Rodarte Fall 2012 Ready to Wear

literally everyone makes me so uncomfortable like everyone and im never going to make friends coz every time i try people say fucked up shit like “you sound like youve been raped” n like….. idk…. its not always that bad but like i just cant get over things anymore. i spent my whole life trying to get over things but ended up just suppressing them and things hit me 10 years later. i dont know what to do. im sabotaging all possible relationships before they start… n some of the ones i already have….

i really need to start being better with my money. i want to be able to go to the castro whenever i want. i want to stop eating out so much so its more of a treat. i need to throw away all the shit ive just hoarded away so my room actually stays clean…..